26 Jun

Air Ambulance Services in Gurgaon

Air Ambulance services gurgaon

Eagle PNRTS (Air Ambulance services gurgaon) is a team of dedicated & focused professionals ,who are specially trained to maintain the best level of care to suit the patient’s need during the transport & pre transport stabilization.

air ambulance services gurgaon

We provides the best & optimum care in air or ground medical transportation of a sick child either domestic Or International . Air Ambulance services gurgaon is one of the best air ambulance provider in delhi NCR.

  • Eagle Rescue (Air Ambulance services gurgaon) is a Pediatric & Neonatal Rescue & emergency transportation service, specially designed to serve emergency treatment during transportation of a sick child & provide expert clinical advise & Pre transport stabilization .
  • Eagle PNRTS is committed to work as a moving hospital with optimum facility.
  • We are providing comprehensive air ( Fixed wings/ Helicopter) & Ground ( Via Rail/Road)emergency medical transportation for New born & children upto 10 years of age.
  • EAGLE PNRTS is a Gurgaon, India based organisation, worked across the states & countries since 2013.

Our Ambulance service is based in Gurgaon. We provide transportation through Air, Road and train. We have over 1500 successful patient transportation in India and international. No matter you choose any of our service we along with our Paediatrics team are 100% commited to our duty. Eagle rescue is 100% best equipped Air Ambulance services.


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