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Thinking for neonatal transport for medical reasons, very tough task and confusing also as we dont know what could be best transport option for new born baby. either we go for Air ambulance or road ambulance.

medical air transport for neonatal babies

The service of Air Ambulance is a service that transmits patients from one place to another and provides emergency medical care. Not just the air ambulance, there are other Aero medical neonatal transport options that provides such emergency medical care.

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An air ambulance is used when it is difficult to provide emergency medical care to a patient in a remote area, and when it is also difficult to provide ground ambulance facility. An air ambulance’s work is to take patients from one place to another and they have to provide emergency medical care. Where providing the facility of ground ambulance is impractical, an air ambulance has specialized equipment for monitoring and treating patients and there are medical workers who take care of patients. Air ambulance facility is either governmental or provided by any private organization. The facility of government air ambulance is a government- funded medical service and the facilities of ambulance provided by private organization charges on service. The benefits of medical help by the air ambulance involve providing good medical care to any patient and reach them as soon as possible to a traumatic centre. There are such medical devices in the aircraft that can be used to assist in the initial treatment of any patient.

In 1928, the first air ambulance service was started in Australia. The institution which started this facility was named Royal Flying Doctor Service. This facility was used to transport patients from remote areas of Australia. During the World War I, the facility of air ambulance has proved to be very useful and beneficial. It was used to carry the injured people from one place to another and to provide emergency medical treatment to them.

There are also many government and private organizations in India that provide such aero-medical services like air ambulance. For the first time, an organization named “India Aero Medical service” established air ambulance facility in India. There are several private and government organizations that provide such facilities, today there are many such organizations which are actively engaged in providing emergency medical care, and their list contains many successful cases.

There are so many successful aero medical organizations, and EAGLE Rescue – PNRTS (Pediatric & Neonatal Rescue Team) is also one of the many successful organizations, Eagle Rescue is an organization who’s highly qualified and skilled staffs are capable of providing any sort of emergency medical care to the patient. This organization is one of the biggest, and equipped with all the facilities to treat and transport patients and also neonatal babies. Their specialty is to treat neonatal babies and they have 1500+ successful cases.

So now we can see that Air Ambulance as neonatal transport has proven to be a successful transport option . In case of any query you can also contact directly on Toll free number 1800-120-6467

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